Share your screen with anyone.

Download for Chrome or Connect to someone. Screenchair - Share your screen with anyone. | Product Hunt

How to connect


Go on and paste the remote ID.


Click on "Connect", you are connected !

How to share


Open the Screenchair extension and click on the button "Click to view".


Click on "Start sharing".


Choose the tab/window you want to share (or the entire screen) and click on "share".

⚠️ You cannot share the current tab because it's the one that allows you to share the screen, so don't do anything on this tab (don't close it, don't refresh it, don't change URL) otherwise sharing will stop.


Open the Screenchair extension, copy your ID and give it to the person who wants to connect.

Having trouble

Most of the time, refreshing the page resolves your connection issue. If you start a screen share but it doesn't work, stop the sharing (if you can), click on the refresh button at the top right corner of the extension and refresh the page.

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